Our Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

During these challenging times, we remain dedicated to delivering on our commitments to our customers, employees, and vendors while keeping everyone’s safety our top priority. 

New York State has declared the landscaping industry an essential business. As such, Countree Lawn and Landscape is open and will continue to conduct business while following the recommendations from the CDC and New York State Department of Health as well as local governing agencies to keep our customers, employees, vendors, and families safe.

This means that we have made changes to our procedures and routines to take special precautions optimizing everyone’s safety. 

What it looks like on our end:

  • We continue to brief our staff on the latest recommendations by the CDC, including handwashing and social distancing along with other preventative measures.
  • We have increased the cleaning and sanitizing of our buildings, and all trucks and tools are cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day.
  • Our trucks are stocked with cleaning and sanitizing products giving our crews the ability to keep their hands, tools, and working environment sanitized throughout the day as needed.
  • We have reduced the number of crew-members per truck to no more than two with no switching truck or seat allowed during the day.
  • Our office staff continues to work from home.
  • We always continue to discuss the importance of social distancing, including not shaking hands, whether on a job site, in our buildings, or our yard. Also, all of our crew members have been issued masks and have been instructed in using them when social distancing is not possible.
  • We are working closely with our team to ensure that anyone who is not feeling well understands that we support them staying home, providing them with paid sick leave, and no job status change.

You, our customers, and your families are important to us, and we want to do our part to keep you safe and healthy.

What this looks like to you:

  • Before we send a crew to your property, we will call ahead to make sure you are well and comfortable with our crew coming.
  • Our crew members are instructed to keep social distancing and not shaking your hand should they see you outside. Don’t feel you have to come out and greet them, but if you choose to, we kindly ask that you keep a 6’ social distance as well. Should you have any concerns or questions while our crew is at your property, feel free to call our office directly at 607-849-6393. We can reach the crew by phone while they are at your property and address any potential concerns.

We are very grateful to have the support of our customers so that we may continue to provide the financial support our working staff and suppliers need. We do ask that if you are uncomfortable with our teams on your site at any time that you contact our office to discuss a solution.

We are in this together!

Glenn & Nanna Fritts